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What others say!

Maybe you will connect to a word, sentence or feeling shared...if you do, join a class, workshop or event!


"With these tools Anna brings, we can be guided, lifted and shown how truly magical life can be if we let it." - Winston

"She has the knowledge and tools that help you to get out of a loop. Be open and it will blow your mind!" - Petra

"Anna really moved my perspective! Her intuitive guidance is so easy applicable that I immediately could adapt it into my life." - Kathy

"I have come into a better place with myself and have gained more confidence in myself." - Meli

"The meditation carried through the day. There was a calmness that made me realize that what I have been doing is giving giving giving. And I haven't been giving to my own heart, and in that meditation I did and it helped me feel better. It made me feel better all day! " - Anna T.

"My partner has become my only focus, Anna helped me to create a healthier relationship with my self and therefore in my relationships. I know she's rooting for me. I am in love with my new self." - Aurora

"I have increased in decisiveness, courage to set out in new directions, been lead to multiple resources to balance, heal, calm & am daily working on my chakras" - Jennie

"I love your classes! You have made a huge difference in my life." - Glenda

"Anna is a true leader of souls. The world we live in can be a muddled state of emotions, internal and external turmoil. Having a leader and guide in Anna is a gift of divine grace and beauty. If we as students handle her guidance in the same light which she presents herself, we can and will uncover the true nature of our existence - deeper consciousness and love. With these tools Anna brings,

we can be guided, lifted and shown how truly magical life can be if we let it. With love, Winston " 

"I finally felt self-love for the first time since I could remember. Thank you Anna, it was like there was a missing piece to my puzzle and you found it." - Jeanette

"Since becoming a member of Intuitive Arts, I've become so much more open to and aware of the energy surrounding me and how it affects me. I am also having an easier time understanding it and redirecting it/transmuting it if need be. Synchronicity is something I experience multiple times a day most days now. I've also had an easier time understanding when I am being guided by intuition vs. anxiety. Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your gifts with me. Intuitive Arts has been a huge blessing in my life. It feels like anything is possible now." - Maggie

"Anna always manages to tie in exactly where it's important for us in order to release blockages to empower peek performance." - Imad & team

"She helped me wash away anxiety and fear that has been a part of who I am for almost my entire life. Anna opened me up to see the world in a new light; one where I can live freely and see things as a journey not a curse." - Kelsey

"After my first session with Anna, I began to discover the roots of where the illness had manifested at an energetic level. In the following several days, I have begun to uncover more aspects to my mind, body and soul that I had not previously been aware of." - Garrett

"Anna really helped me connect with my body, my nervous system, and getting grounded with my energy. Thank you for what you do!" - Kelly

"Anna was able to recognize what I needed and could connect with my body and energy in a way I never could have thought possible. I was able to release feelings of anger, and take back my power that I have given away to another person in a past relationship." - Annie

"Anna speaks from the bottom of her heart. Her love and enthusiasm to what she does and believes are simply contagious. It was a true blessing finding her. Also the workshop IIMSP is a must attend." - Marianna

"With Anna by your side you gain new confidence and trust in yourself. You'll be ready to step outside your comfort zone, conquer and win." - Ani

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