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About Anna Singery

Anna Singery is a dedicated Intuitive Energy Practitioner and Mindset Coach who offers a diverse range of services, including coaching, online classes, events, and retreats. Anna's comprehensive range of skills and offerings is thoughtfully designed to guide Intuitive Arts Members towards a path of emotional well-being, self-discovery, personal growth, and an intuitively driven life. The Intuitive Arts Community is an incredibly welcoming and supportive space where one can feel held, seen, guided, and empowered.


Anna Singery's intuitive guidance has helped her clients release blockages and empower peak performance, while also uncovering aspects of their minds, bodies, and spirit to release what no longer serves them and move towards a more empowered and energetic state, where all possibilities are present. As a Certified Olympic Boxing Coach, Anna also offers specialized coaching and support to athletes and coaches who are looking to improve their performance and achieve their goals.

Through her own self-discovery journey, Anna has found that movement is a powerful tool for inviting a more wholesome and joyful life, and she shares this passion with her clients by offering Latin Dance and Boxing Classes to the community as a part of her Intuitive Arts Program.


With a deep passion for nature, Anna and her husband enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking with their dogs and cultivating their own garden.


I am based in Occidental, CA and offer services on and offline throughout the Bay Area and the World.

Request bookings for in-person events via


As a Mindset Coach and Certified Olympic Boxing Coach I work with competitive olympic boxers in Germany for national and international competitions as well as for the Boxing Bundesliga. I am a member of the German Olympic Sports Federation and TuS Gerresheim e.V. Germany.


I am member of the Ely Wellness Collaborative, MN. Over the last couple years I taught boxing at the HMS Gym, Intuitive Arts Latin Dance Classes @ Winton CC, Latin Beats Youth with Reflections Dance Company and coached the Ironhawks Women's Basketball Team at Minnesota North College, VCC.

1:1 Coaching Benefits

Improve Relationships, Create Emotional Balance, Tap Into Self-confidence & trust, Build Success.

"I've been to many different therapists but they never truly understood me. It always felt wrong so I stopped going. Anna feels into me and she shows me within real life scenarios and her amazing people experience how to approach my life in a healthier way and how to create a happier relationship with myself, my partner and others. I am so much more happier and stronger already and we just started our journey together. I am always looking forward to our sessions and with Anna by my side I am eager to become the best version of myself." - Aurora.

"I have grown up with anxiety and OCD which in itself has been a struggle. Then my mother passed away and anger, resentment, and depression decided to sneak its way into my
anxiety and OCD as well. I felt lost but mostly angry at the world for taking my mother away from me. Anna helped wash away anxiety and fear that has been a part of who I am for almost my entire life. She opened me up to see the world in a new light; one where I can live freely and see things as a journey not a curse. Like I said, I am still processing the magic that she has now allowed me to see in the world. I am so excited to keep working with her and continue the healing that has already begun. My therapists of 10 years have not been able to help me in the way Anna did." - Kelsey.

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